Many houses are supplied with heat by a boiler, and heating your house is the most energy intensive thing you do. So having your boiler operate efficiently is really worthwhile.ek1

A boiler operates by burning natural gas, oil, or propane to heat water that circulates through hot water cylinders, radiators, or under-floor systems (radiant floor heating). Boiler efficiency refers to the ability of the boiler to transfer energy from the fuel supplied to the boiler to the water or thermal oil of the distribution system. Standard boilers are generally quite efficient, though this is largely dependent the boiler being well maintained and set up correctly. The factors that affect the efficiency of the boiler are dependent on:

  • The design of the boiler
  • The burner air/fuel ratio being set up properly
  • The heat transfer surfaces being clean
  • The insulation in the boiler being intact, clean and well sealed

Proper maintenance and servicing are imperative in maintaining the efficiency of any boiler.