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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance on your heating and/or cooling system can save energy and prolong the life of your equipment.

By doing a multi-point tune-up, we are keeping your system running safely and efficiently. It’s just like having your car serviced twice a year. In fact, we guarantee that this tune up will improve your efficiency or we’ll refund your money!

Tune up pricing varies depending on type of equipment and type of fuel. Current pricing is as follows:

AC, Heat Pump, Gas Furnace –  $129.00

Gas Boilers –  $149.00

Oil Furnaces  –  $159.00

Oil Boilers  –   $229.00

All forced air tune ups include a standard 1″ replacement air filter. All oil system tune ups include a new oil filter and nozzle.

Not sure what kind of heater you have? Many people just call their heater a furnace – here is a simple way to determine if you have a furnace or a boiler. If you have air vents, you have a furnace. If you have radiators or baseboards its a boiler.

Service Contracts

Purchasing an annual Maintenance Service Plan provides additional protection and piece of mind over and above just routine tune ups. In addition to the extra protection, the contracts can also provide significant savings when more than one piece of equipment is covered. We offer a Standard and Premium Contract. Below is a chart detailing the differences in the plans.

BHCP_Maintenance Plan Comparison




Terms and Conditions: BHCP_Maintenance Service Plan Residental.