Smart Thermostats – Nest Vs. Lyric

phpndobyeSince the introduction of the Google Nest and the Honeywell Lyric thermostats we are beginning to see what the future of home automation may have in store for us. The Nest and Lyric are similar in design, both are round thermostats ( or Tstats ) approximately 3 inches in diameter, and both require the downloading of an app to access the full capabilities of the Tstats. However, there are some differences between the two. The Lyric’s app can be downloaded on a smart phone or tablet while the Nest app can be can be used on a smart phone, tablet or computer. Also the Nest and Lyric operate somewhat differently within the home . Let’s take a closer look at some of those differences.

google-nest-home-invasion-thermostat-mark-beastThe Nest is a learning thermostat. You do not have to program it. You set the thermostat during the day at the temperatures you prefer and within a week it learns your preferences and begins adjusting itself. And through its auto scheduling feature it adjusts its program to your changing preferences season by season, month by month and year by year. You can make minor changes to the program and it will not affect the schedule it has already learned. It also has built in sensors which detect movement within the house.

The Nest includes an auto-away feature. This feature recognizes, by lack of physical movement, when the house is empty and adjusts the temperature setting. It could do that for a single room of the house if it has not sensed any physical activity. The Nest can also be operated manually and it will still be able to effectively use the auto scheduling feature. And by downloading the app you can control the Nest where ever you may be.

Other features of the Nest are:

Airwave – adjusts the temperature in relation to the humidity levels in the home.

Cool to Dry – the tstat activates the AC to adjust the humidity levels.

Leaf – a bright green leaf appears on the Tstat to indicate your HVAC system is operating in energy savings mode.

Filter Reminder – shows when to change HVAC filter.

Heat Pump Balance – manages heat pump to minimize costly use of auxiliary heat.

Time to Temperature – it displays the estimated time it will take your system to reach you preferred setting.

Sun Block – it senses when direct sunlight is shinning on it and takes those direct rays in to account in its temperature setting.

True Radiant – shows heating usage reports.

The Nest can be installed by the homeowner although we recommend professional installation to insure compatibility with your system. Also, since a bad signal from your phone to the Nest may interfere with the Nest’s operation, for instance there may be a dead zone in the house were signal may be weak of nonexistent, a professional may be able to help you identify any weak spots and add on devices to extend Nest’s range. The Nest has a rechargeable battery which may on low charge disconnect from your HVAC system.

02-f8de73eeThe Lyric thermostat takes a different approach in its functionality. It has no learning curve and no rigid scheduling. Instead it has a program called geofencing to signal when the HVAC system should turn on or off. It does this by using an app downloaded to your smart phone so every household member should have the app downloaded on their smart device. The Lyric does this by detecting how far the app is relative to its location. It has a seven (7) mile range or a 500 foot range (targeted for city residents) in which the Tstat can sense the app. It automatically adjusts temperature when the last person leaves and ramps back up when you are within the seven mile range. The homeowner can chose to override the app and operate the Tstat manually.

Additional features of the Lyric are:

Fine Tune – adjusts temperature based on humidity to ensure your home actually feels like the temperature you want, providing you with the ultimate comfort.

Smart Cues – reports on the HVAC systems operation and issues a report if it senses a potential problem with the system.

Home Kit Integration – gives it IOS integration and supports a wide variety of hvac systems making the install process something the homeowner could do.

Filter Reminder – sends a message when it is time to change the HVAC system’s filter.

The Lyric also sends you text messages when home temperature gets too high or low. The lyric lights up as you approach it emitting blue when it is in the AC mode orange for heat and green when it is in the energy saving mode. The lyric has a replaceable battery that alerts you when it is getting low.

Global_Innovation_iStock_000023208860SmallHere at BHCP we are dedicated to keeping on top of all the latest technologies that can bring added value and comfort to your home and your family. Simple upgrades, such as to a new thermostat, can help save on energy costs as well as provide never before imagined comfort and convenience. We’re here to help! Give us a call for more information or to answer any questions you may have on how this new technology can benefit you.



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