Visit with Friends & Family this Holiday Season, Not Us!


Here at BHCP we love seeing our customers but we know that it is your family and friends you want  visiting your home this holiday season, not us! Here are some tips to help you prevent the need for costly and inconvenient service calls and keep a little holiday cash in your pocket!



PLUMBING (In the Kitchen)

  • Make sure that you have a plunger handy should any sudden issues arise with your drains
  • Fats, oils, and grease are some of the biggest threats your drains face.
  • Don’t strain the drain. Even if you use a detergent that claims to dissolve grease, it can still build up in the system and cause problems later.
  • Wipe greasy pots, pans, dishes and utensils with a paper towel before putting them in the dishwasher or rinsing them in the sink.
  • Garbage disposals are convenient but not for high volume – If you must put food into the drains, break large pieces into smaller chunks first, and try to avoid fibrous foods (like celery and onion skins) that can wrap around the disposal and jam the motor.
  • Do not put expandable foods (such as pasta or rice) down the drain – Even SMALL amounts of these foods can swell with water and clog the trap.
  • Always run the water for at least 30-60 seconds after disposal use or washing dishes. NEVER use hot water! While it may seem to help dissolve grease and flush it better, it is worse when it coagulates further down the pipes.
  • To remove stuck debris and odor, run cold water while emptying a tray of ice cubes into your disposal.
  • You can feed citrus peel into your disposal to give of a fresh scent. Stubborn odors can be resolved with biodegradable drain cleaners.
  • In short, when it comes to your kitchen drain or garbage disposal, when in doubt throw it out!

IMG_1457PLUMBING (In the Bathroom)

  • If you are hosting house guests ask them to wait about 10 minutes between shower uses so that slow drains have time to do their job.
  • In the holiday season it is common for guests and family members to flush items that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet – but be sure they know to dispose of un-flushable materials in the wastebasket, and be sure that there is a wastebasket in every bathroom.
  • Always keep a plunger handy just in case! If your toilet clogs easily be sure the water level is set correctly. In addition, ensure the flapper opens completely when the toilet flushes. If it doesn’t stay open long enough it may only half flush the toilet.
  • Avoid running out of hot water: To meet the increased demand, try turning up your water heater to increase its capacity. Never exceed a temperature of 125 degrees in order to prevent burning and scalding.
  • Clogged drains in the shower are often caused by a buildup of hair and soap residue. Clean your shower drain on a regular basis. Using a drain catcher or screen can help prevent clogging by minimizing the amount of hair that washes down the drain.


  • If you have a furnace or heat pump make sure you change your air filters so you don’t have any indoor air quality or system breakdown worries.
  • If you use oil or propane, check your tanks! Not only is running out of fuel inconvenient it can also lead to service calls if your tank runs dry.
  • Adjust the thermostat setting: Having more people in the house and cooking can create a warmer environment, reducing the need for high heat. If you’re going out of town, keep your heat on to prevent your pipes form bursting, but lower the temperature a bit to help keep your energy costs down.
  • Keep flammable objects in safe places: This one may seem obvious, but it can get hectic with kids running around and cooking in the kitchen. Be sure to keep things like blankets and wrapping paper away from heating systems (including small space heaters) to avoid fire hazards. If you’re traveling, do a quick check before leaving!
  • Using your ceiling fans to help keep your home warm. Set it so that the blades rotate the opposite way (this helps circulate warm air trapped near the ceiling downwards into the rest of the room).
  • Open your shades to allow the natural sunlight to help warm your home and reduce energy costs.
  • Get a tune up! If you haven’t already scheduled a tune up do it before the chaos of the holidays starts. Heating system maintenance can catch minor issues before they become major problems and give you peace of mind when you’re entertaining or traveling.

MPStarFinancial_Holiday_Photo-1-1We hope that you found these tips useful. While we know you don’t want to see us this holiday season, rest easy knowing we are here for you if you need us!

We appreciate and thank you for your business. Best wishes for a joyous holiday season and a very Happy New Year!



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