When to Replace your System

Many factors can determine when its time to replace your heating or cooling system. Below are a few of the indicators that you want to consider a replacement option.

The Age of Your System

The EPA suggests replacing your air conditioner or heat pump if it is more than 12 years old and replacing a furnace or boiler if it is more than 15 years old. New units have much higher efficiency levels to help lower your utility bills and are more reliable than older systems.

High Utility Bills

Systems more than 10 years old use a lot more fuel than newer models.Review the SEER (efficiency) rating of your existing equipment and compare it to newer models. The higher the SEER the higher the savings you can expect,

Also, with the ever escalating price of oil, now is a great time converting your home to either natural gas or propane,

High Repair Bills

Frequent or expensive repairs costing hundreds of dollars may mean your service costs can soon exceed the cost of a new system

The Comfort of Your Home

If the rooms in your home are too hot or too cold, your current system may be too large or too small, or the system may have been poorly installed. We can provide an heat load calculation to ensure that the size of your system matches the needs of your home.

Humidity, Mold or Dust

A dehumidification system can help remove moisture that can damage both your home and your health. Adding a germicidal light can help eliminate contaminants at the source, keeping them from recirculating throughout your home. Replacing your filters monthly helps keep dust u

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